The Foundation


Maria Gloria and Giuseppe, daughter and son of Cav. Condorelli, constituted the "Cav. Francesco Condorelli Foundation". This non-profit organization develops its activities within the territory of the Sicilian Region. The main purposes are:

  • The spread of culture in companies and enterprises
  • The Youth training even with the use of the benefits provided by Community law, and others
  • The qualification of handicraft and industrial companies of pastry-making through the acquisition of technical innovations 
  • The marketing and the management of the company
  • The training of young pastry chef to become successful businesspeople
  • The social and economic growth of the area of Belpasso 
  • The creation of a pastry manufacturing district that enhances the typical products of the area of Etna.

These objectives are achieved thanks to the collaboration of the University of Catania, Research Institutes and public and private Institutions. They make scientific research on production processes, raw materials used, advertising and communications, marketing, financial management, management of data processing, in particular in the confectionery sector. To explore these issues, we often organize conferences, seminars, workshops and events.

We have agreements with Institutes, Associations, public and private Institutions, with the purpose to promote the development and export of "Made in Sicily" on national and international markeplace. We organize training courses for the upgrading entrepreneurs and young people working in our sector. We provide prizes and awards to Sicilian companies with significant results in the quality of their productions, in the technological innovation of the company's production process, in the communication and corporate advertising, in the capitalization of the company, in the social budget and environmental budget.