About us

The Condorelli company was founded in 1933 in Belpasso, under mount Etna, in the area of Catania. Since its beginning, the business initiative of Cav. Francesco Condorelli had a symbiotic link with the territory, and its fruits were the inspiration for the creation of the company.

The story of Condorelli is intertwined with the social dynamics of Italy's economic boom in the Second World War. It is therefore a story tied to the territory, but also to the tradition, as one of the Cav's historical creations, the coated nougat sweet, will become a symbol of the Italian confectionery tradition, enjoying quickly an incredible success and boasting over the years countless attempts of emulation.


The gradual but incessant opening of the Condorelli company to national, and then international, market, in any case coincided with a decline in the quality of the products, real trademark of the business reality of Catania. From the choice of raw materials to the individual dynamics of the realization of the products, each step has detailed checks which ensure a unique quality of the final product.


For all these reasons, the launch of franchising and the e-commerce platform have achieved a real success, thanks to coated nougat sweets, but also to other delicious goodness with chocolate, almonds and pistachios.